Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

Hi friends!

We want to let you all know how very, very thankful we are to have such amazing customers, friends, family and supporters!

For the first time this year we did 5 days of farm tours while our field was in bloom.  We were super excited for these events, but also a little nervous.  You know, if you think of lavender fields, pictures from France and the Mediterranean areas come to mind...acres and acres of gorgeous purple flowers that take your breath away.  Here in Nebraska, we can't compete with that.  As you know if you took the tour, lavender basically hates everything we have to offer here.  It doesn't like clay soil, icy winter winds, humidity or a lot of rain.  With that being said, we have done everything we can to make our fields welcoming for these beautiful plants.  We added horse manure and rock to the soil to promote drainage, we cover them with blankets in the winter, and plant them going downhill in mounds to promote drainage. 

But would people even like our little three quarter acres of lavender?  I mean, we think it's amazing, but we know how hard it is to keep it growing.  We just did not want anyone to be disappointed.  Our customers and people we spoke with at farmers markets seemed VERY interested, so we decided to go for it. 

 Once again, I can't even tell you how awesome people are!  Especially lavender lovers apparently, lol.  

What a boost to our confidence!  People brought their children out and enjoyed feeding the chickens, putting blankets out on the lawn after the tour to enjoy their cookies and lemonade on, and were just amazingly supportive.  We did not have any negative feedback at all.  Jerry and I both just ended up feeling so warm and fuzzy after each tour day.  It just is kind of an overwhelming feeling to be doing something that makes other people feel happy and relaxed.  Especially after 2020 when everyone was kind of isolated, this kind of family friendly outing seemed to be just what people want.   Seeing folks out at our place interacting and just enjoying the farm was so gratifying.  These tours totally reinforced our long term goals and plans.  The people in our area are incredibly supportive of local small business, and we can't thank them enough!


We will be working hard to be able to build a building for our shop and space for classes and dinners.  We also plan to cultivate the field we got married in into a beautiful area with a gazebo and flower gardens, (including lavender of course) with paths and water features.  A space for special events.  We will be working towards having a large festival and U-Pick events.  

So we just wanted to give you all a huge shout out and thank you for inspiring us to keep at it.  It may sound cheesy, but making people happy is just the best feeling ever.

Along with that, we also want to thank our family, Wendy, Jim and Kathy, Amanda and our granddaughter Alana (pictured below), for giving us so much of their time and energy to make the tours a huge success.  Having the farm be a family venture is just the icing on the cake.

Thank you all so much!  We love and appreciate you all!

Thank you for reading my little blog!!



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Barbara DeJong

So happy for you. All the hard work is worth it apparently. Good luck with your plans coming to fruition. Sounds amazing.

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