Meet Biscuit and Gravy

Meet Biscuit and Gravy

Well, there isn't a whole lot happening right this minute with the lavender or the bees, so I thought it might be a good time to show you all around the farm.  Our farm family keeps growing a little at a time, at the moment we have our sweet dogs, Biscuit and Gravy, 2 barn kitties, Sugar and Spice, Bear, our very old housecat, and about 25 chickens and guinea hens.  We are hoping to add some goats to the mix in a year or so.  I'll start with the pups today, and save the rest for another quiet time.

A little over 2 years ago, we decided what our home needed to make it complete was a couple of dogs.  We began searching for our perfect pets, and found these guys that we love with all our hearts. 

We found Biscuit first, in August 2016.  We brought him home, and he had us wrapped around his paw in no time.  He really needed a little brother to play with, so we found our 2nd pup about a month later.

Baby Biscuit

Obviously, nothing goes better with Biscuits than Gravy, right? Gravy!

Jerry was such a proud Daddy!


These two pups took to each other right off the bat and have been inseparable ever since.  They play and wrestle and get in trouble together.  They have even disappeared together for a couple hours a time or two.  They act exactly like siblings and we love them to pieces!


Biscuit is a ball of energy, and thinks he's a guard dog.  That has actually been a bit of a problem in the past, since he thought jumping the fence to chase the scary, scary garbage truck down the street was a good idea.  He also seems to want to clear the place of any other small animals, including kitties and chickens, but we are working on that.  It's really hard for him, because he thinks he's the boss of everything.

Gravy is much more laid back, with a live and let live kind of attitude.  He's kind of a bull in a china shop guy, not realizing how large he actually is.  He likes nothing more than to be a lapdog with Jerry, and tries repeatedly to get in his lap whether he's invited or not.  He is definitely not high energy, which makes a nice balance to Biscuit.  Gravy is our cuddler.




Next week we will be gathering our first honey, and getting our bees winterized.  Please check back!  Thanks for reading :)

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