Spring is in the Air (Along with the Coronavirus)!!

Spring is in the Air  (Along with the Coronavirus)!!

Well, this has been a weird Spring, right?  We had our Spring planned out down to the smallest detail.  We were all signed up for many large shows that we were too small for last year, signed up for three different farmer's markets, had our timeline made out for removing row covers and last but not least, big plans for our first annual lavender festival!  

 So, enter the Coronavirus.  Limits on how many people can gather, social distancing and quarantining.  At this time, all of the shows we were signed up for through the first week of May have canceled or rescheduled.  Our weather took a bizarre turn and was near 70 for a few days, and then dropped down to highs around 20 for a few days, so we have been second-guessing when to remove the row covers.  So far, the farmer's markets are still on schedule, as is our festival.

We are trying to roll with the punches, but it is tough.  Not only for us but for everyone with small businesses that depend on shows and festivals for their income.  Restaurants have the option to do take out and delivery, so we are following that lead and offering to do free local delivery and pick up for our customers.  It's just not the same though.  We really rely on having our products in front of bunches of people.  Having them out at a booth where people can see and smell them, try them for themselves, hear our story.  That is our bread and butter for the year. 



We have tried running a few ads, letting people know that our soaps are naturally antiseptic due to lavender's antiseptic properties.  We did produce some hand sanitizer that the few people who got it just loved, however then found out the FDA treats sanitizer as a drug and we are not an FDA monitored business.  So we did stop making that.  

There have been many messages from our customers and followers wishing us well and telling us that they love our products, so that keeps us feeling good.  We are still working on plans for our festival.  We are looking for someone to make ice cream on-site, we have a food truck contacted and plan on face painting and giant bubbles for kiddos, u-cut lavender, vendors, and at least 2 musicians.  We are continuing work on tea blends and spice blends with our culinary buds.  There will be updated product pictures on the website.  


On another happy note, my cancer has responded wonderfully to the immunotherapy treatments I've been undergoing, and as of my last scan, there is not much left. 

So we have our health, our farm, the sweetest family in the world and our puppies, kitties, and chickens.  The important things are all here, and we remind ourselves that we are blessed to be in the position we are in.





Everyone stay safe, and be sweet to each other!  

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Colleen McClelland

I belong to a group in Beatrice that might be interested in touring your farm? Is that a possibiity? If enough come it should mean some good sales of your products. I’m talking about 2021. What is the best time of year to tour?

Beth Reanee

Sooooo enjoyed your blog posts…..clearly written from the heart and your stories and positivity made me SMILE. We are putting in a few rows of lavender at our farm venue and you were very inspiring. Thank you and keep on keeping on~

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